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The 411 on SMS and field service management software

Tracy Bennett Tracy Bennett
Tracy Bennett
Field Service Management & SMS

Tons of emails and spreadsheets used to be common ‘tools’ for workers in the field. With today’s field service management (FSM) software, pencils, paper, and spreadsheets are flying out the window, maybe even literally (I’ve heard stories of this happening). Businesses are looking for easier ways for their employees to keep track of all their information, especially while on the go, as well as maintaining a personal relationship with their clients. Integrating SMS and local numbers into your FSM software lets field workers get more accomplished, stay in touch with headquarters, and updates customers in real-time every step of the way with a personal touch. Let’s take a look at how that’s done.

What’s happening in the field?

Most companies with workers out in the field are in industries like construction, architecture, and engineering. Every day these workers have numerous sets of plans, appointments to schedule, and technicians to dispatch, as well as vehicles and work completions to track. All of these can be very hard to keep tabs on. Some companies still use emails and spreadsheets to monitor and update their services throughout the day, and probably lose a lot of business because of it. Using SMS to send instructions, directions, and feedback from headquarters to your field techs is a much easier way to streamline your workflow versus having to constantly check and update your email inbox. SMS also gives customers real-time notifications and alerts so they’ll know exactly who’s on the way to help and when they’re expected to arrive.

How do these services help?

One of the biggest challenges for field service companies is delivering a stand-out customer experience with every interaction. They want services to be reliable, timely, and provide a touch of personalized communication for their customers. New age FSM softwares are automatically delivering important details such as appointment reminders (Joe is scheduled to arrive at 2pm on Monday) and live updates on services and dispatching (Joe is on his way!) without relying on workers to follow-up manually. Some software companies are taking it to the next level by using toll-free SMS to send new service notifications, change order alerts, and address information to their service and delivery teams. They also rely on local numbers to provide a more personal touch to users for appointment reminders and dispatch notifications. This allows their field techs to give real-time updates on the job, resulting in a faster turnaround, all while keeping a personal relationship with their customers.

Integrate SMS and local numbers into your FSM software

With Bandwidth’s SMS and phone number APIs, adding communications features to your software doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us help you find a solution that’s right for you. Want to learn more about taking advantage of SMS and local numbers for FSM software? Chat with one of our experts to better your business and your clients experience.

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