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ALI Database

An ALI Database is a secure database that contains the exact 9-1-1 address for given associated phone numbers. This database is queried by the PSAP at the time of a 9-1-1 call to obtain the caller’s location. For example, if a caller dials 9-1-1, then the ALI Database will be able to provide first responders with a location instantly in order to cut down on response time. By allowing phone numbers to be in the ALI Database, emergency situations are allowed to be addressed faster and with more accuracy.


How Bandwidth is Involved with the ALI Database

Bandwidth numbers which are enabled with 9-1-1 are included in the ALI Database, this enables a caller’s registered 9-1-1 address to be available to first responders in an emergency situation.


What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s ALI Database

Bandwidth believes in promoting the safety of those who use our phone numbers. By enabling our numbers to be hosted in the ALI Database, information regarding the call can automatically be sent to emergency personnel who, in turn, can act quickly to provide help to a caller when they need it most.



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