Automatic Location Identification (ALI)

Automatic Location Identification (ALI) is an automatic display at the PSAP of the caller’s telephone number, the address/location of the telephone, and supplementary emergency services information of the location from which a call originates.

How is Bandwidth Involved with ALI

The Bandwidth ALI database is the location information gateway to the country’s 9-1-1 ALI systems. Bandwidth has connectivity to regional ALI databases with every LEC ALI service provider in the country. The LEC ALI systems steer ALI queries to Bandwidth when a Bandwidth 9-1-1 enabled phone number is involved in a call to 9-1-1.

What are the Benefits of ALI

ALI steering is a function of the ALI system that enables access to the Bandwidth ALI system to retrieve dynamic location information. These ALI tables are accessed when a PSAP issues a bid for ALI display. A query received from a PSAP by the LEC ALI that contains a Bandwidth emergency service query key(ESQK) will cause a query to be sent to Bandwidth’s ALI system for retrieval of the caller’s information.

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