Localized CLI presentation

Author: Anagha Ravi

What is localized Calling Line Identification (CLI)  presentation?

Localized CLI (calling line identification) presentation allows a national dialing format for intra country calls meaning it doesn’t show the caller’s number to the recipient with a +XX country code. For example, if a number is called from a UK number to another UK number, the +44 country code would be removed, but if you were roaming and use your mobile number outside of the UK, for example, to dial another UK number while in the US, the +44 country code is added when your numbers are displayed to the called party’s device.

Localized CLI presentation increases answer rates because the call is shown to the recipient as local rather than coming from out of the country. Called parties are much more likely to trust the call and answer if they have reliable information as to the location of the caller from their provider, which is delivered via localized CLI presentation.  Unreliable CLI presentation can get in the way of connecting meaningfully with your customers and vendors.

How is Bandwidth associated with localized CLI presentation?

As a part of our outbound calling (VoIP termination) solution, Bandwidth offers Enhanced Voice Transit, which sends your traffic received through third party numbers or numbers from another provider with localized CLI presentation over Bandwidth’s PSTN replacement network. Not only do the calls traverse over a radically reliable network, they use national routes for national traffic and present in the local number formats–increasing the odds of the recipient picking up the call.

Localized CLI presentation