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SMS Marketing

Get the right message to the right customers at the right time, with promotions and ads delivered instantly to your customers’ mobile phone.

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The features & benefits of SMS marketing

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Get your marketing noticed

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, and that number only goes up over time, ensuring your marketing message is seen.

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Stop your messages from getting blocked

Ensure your messages get delivered with experts that can help you with your obligations to comply with CTIA guidelines, including opt-in and opt-out requirements.

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Reach more customers

Get your message in front of customers that want to see it. Send promos, ads, or sales alerts to customers that have expressed an interest in getting them.

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Realize better ROI

Reduce costs while improving engagements. SMS has better engagement and ROI than other marketing channels.

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Why Bandwidth

At Bandwidth we own the APIs and the network. Our industry experts have decades of experience and have helped define the past, present, and future of messaging. Our deep connections to the carriers and industry groups allows us to give you better insights into best practices and guidelines, ensuring your messages are delivered and allowing us to work to resolve issues faster.

Because we own the network and the APIs we’re able to provide transparency that other providers can’t, with status and error codes that show if your messages were delivered, where they were blocked, and why, giving you deeper insight for a better ROI.

Built for developers

Ready to start sending SMS marketing and promotions? We’ve got the building blocks to get you started.

Show me how

body = MessageRequest()
body.application_id = "93de2206-9669-4e07-948d-329f4b722ee2" = ["+12345678902"]
body.mfrom = "+18881231234"
body.text = "Exciting news! Our Black Friday 25% off sale is extended until Monday."
result = messaging_client.create_message(MESSAGING_ACCOUNT_ID, body)

Example of sending an SMS promotion with Python.

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

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Give customers the promotions and deals they’ve asked for, delivered right to their mobile phones.

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Software & Products

Text coupon codes and time-sensitive promotions to your user base. Learn more

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Send texts for specials on that new car your customers want, or a can’t miss promotion on their trade-in.

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