Bandwidth’s app platform gives a voice to QWASI’s mobile customer experience technology


The Bandwidth App Platform provides carrier-direct voice APIs, reducing complexity and costs for a customer engagement platform leader

RALEIGH, N.C. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Leading brands turn to QWASI to master their mobile customer experience. So when QWASI needed to add voice calling and customized interactive voice response (IVR) features to its existing platform, it turned to Bandwidth, one of the nation’s leading communications technology companies, to master carrier-direct technology in a simple and scalable fashion.

In the age where customers demand a flawless mobile experience, QWASI’s AIM user interface provides leading brands with one view of all mobile customer engagement. Brands use AIM’s over one thousand features to engage with their customers in real-time, across SMS, MMS, Push, and social messaging channels, plus handling millions of global API calls daily.

To add new voice calling and customized IVR services to AIM, QWASI chose the Bandwidth App Platform, a cloud communications API platform that allows software companies to easily create voice calling and messaging products. The Bandwidth App Platform helps QWASI grow its business by delivering and scaling new services, faster and easier. By leveraging Bandwidth’s direct-to-carrier API platform, Qwasi was able to rapidly get to market, minimize its upfront investment in voice technologies and avoid paying reseller markup on carrier voice services.

QWASI completed development of its IVR features in a matter of weeks. Bandwidth’s flexible RESTful API platform made it easy for QWASI to develop new voice calling and IVR features for its existing platform, using existing mobile and web developers and avoiding having to hire telecom engineers. The end result is a seamless and integrated customized IVR product for its customers at a minimal cost, allowing QWASI to take its technology to a new level.

“We decided early on to leave the complexities of telecom to the experts,” said Jon Thies, Chief Technology Officer at QWASI. “Bandwidth makes the integration process simple and quickly got our service up and running. It’s nice to work with a provider that makes it easier for our company to grow and scale and allows our customers to provide a quality and engaging mobile experience.”

“QWASI is a company that understands all that can be achieved with a wide variety of voice and messaging channels,” said Steve Leonard, EVP and General Manager at Bandwidth. “In order to continue innovating, they recognized that they needed to add new voice services fast, to stay ahead of the competition. They’re now in a position to deliver a complete mobile experience, across every channel, without adding additional complexity or cost.”

For more information on how QWASI and Bandwidth are working to improve the mobile customer experience, visit https://www.bandwidth.com/business/resources. To learn more or sign up for the Bandwidth App Platform, visit https://www.bandwidth.com/api-platform.

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