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Be a superhero on Friday night: texting over toll-free

Justin Moreira Justin Moreira
Justin Moreira
Graphic of smarthpone with red cape

Imagine this

It’s Friday night and you’re gearing up for family movie night. In the past you would normally saddle up the family well in advance and drive 10-15 minutes to your local Blockbuster, only to spend another 15 minutes entertaining your kids debate on what title the family will watch. Instead, you’re probably like me and millions of other people who understand the convenience and value that movie and TV show streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon bring to your arsenal of time management skills. So like the time organization connoisseur you are, you begin the night by firing up your streaming provider’s application… only to receive errors that your Internet speed is causing buffering issues that’s resulting in transmission latency. In other words, your kids are screaming at that top of their lungs to fix it and Friday movie night is quickly becoming your worst nightmare.

So what did you do?

Without delay, you quickly decide there is no time for playing MacGyver and you spring into action by calling your local Internet provider’s toll free number. After a couple of rings, you’re connected to the service provider’s automated attendant. You patiently navigate your way to the technical support option only to hear the following “We are experiencing unusually long hold times. The estimated wait time is 30 minutes. Please stay on the line for a technician or hang-up and visit our customer support page for help.”  OMG you’re thinking, doom is quickly setting in when the automated attendant follows up with a final support option—they invite you to text their technician at the same toll free number you dialed.  Text really you wonder.  With a last glimmer of hope, you decide to give a shot.


The point of this story is that there are many ways to communicate with those around you, but in this situation texting with a toll free support line served as an A+ channel for customer engagement and satisfaction. The quick response you received from your text message to the technician made you the hero by saving movie night and kicked off a well-deserved weekend with a smile.

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