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How Bandwidth’s alternative to single-threaded toll-free benefits your business

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The ability of your customers to make and complete toll-free calls can have a huge impact on business. Toll-free numbers have become a part of a business’ brand—from branded numbers with catchy jingles to easy-to-remember numbers that you call all the time for services. But toll-free phone numbers are useless if the service powering them is unreliable.

Which is why having your toll-free service single-threaded can put your communications business at risk. So let’s look at what single-threaded toll-free is, how it may be impacting your business, and the Bandwidth alternative that can improve your toll-free experience.

Single-threaded toll-free service

So what is single-threaded toll-free service? This means your toll-free service is powered by a single toll-free carrier network. While this isn’t uncommon, this does create a single point of failure for your toll-free traffic.

If your provider experiences a network-wide outage, that means there’s no way for your toll-free traffic to be re-routed and your calls cannot be completed. More commonly, a local market impairment due to fiber lines getting cut or some other localized disaster can seriously impact your service reliability when you’ve only got one carrier in route. If your customer’s business relies on a toll-free number for something like customer support or even sales, that’s serious potential losses in revenue, and the longer your provider is down, the more revenue you lose.

The Bandwidth Alternative: 5x carrier redundant toll-free service

Using Bandwidth as your toll-free service provider and RespOrg allows you to leverage our Feature Group D network with direct peering relationships to four other carriers, giving you 5x carrier redundancy in the event of a downstream network outage. All of this is backed by our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC), and our core network that achieves 99.999% uptime.

What does that mean for your business? It means more network uptime, more reliable service, and less lost revenue because of dropped calls and network outages. Toll-free calling is crucial to your business, and you shouldn’t have to rely on single-threaded solutions when you can rely on the Bandwidth alternative.

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Learn more about Bandwidth's alternative to single-threaded toll-free

Want to learn more? Request a quote to see how much you could save by going direct-to-carrier with Bandwidth and our 5x carrier redundant network, or visit our Toll-Free Service page to learn more about what makes our toll-free solution so unique.

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