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Automatic Number Identification (ANI)

Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is the automatic determination of the caller’s telephone number on a call, including for billing purposes.

How is Bandwidth Uses ANI

For outbound voice, our customers more or less tell us the ANI. For inbound voice (calls to our customer’s phone numbers), Bandwidth presents the ANI advertised by the terminating provider. The ability to identify numbers automatically can be used in emergency situations as well as for call centers that need to route numbers to the proper operator.

What are the Benefits Bandwidth’s Involvement with ANI

Bandwidth’s ability to provide ANI allows for a secure, comprehensive service that is especially useful for emergency services and call centers. By providing information on the dialer of a call, emergency services are able to locate them and direct help their way without the caller having to provide that information. Call centers can benefit by having information that allows for callers to be directed to the best possible operator in their area. This can provide a better user experience and enable callers to get help faster when it matters most.

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