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Phone Number Management

Phone Number Management

A vast phone number inventory from 65+ countries accessible in one place. Grow faster and consolidate carriers confidently with Bandwidth’s simplified, automated phone number ordering and management.

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The number tools you need

Get phone numbers when and where you need them, in plain view, without the hassle.

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Number Porting

Move numbers like magic. Bulk port seamlessly with regulatory workflows for 65+ countries built into one API.

Phone Number Lookup API Icon

Number Lookup API

Quickly and easily get carrier identification and wireless status information on U.S. and Canadian-based phone numbers.

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U.S. Local Phone Numbers

Access thousands of U.S. local phone numbers instantly. Order one to 5,000 numbers in a snap.

Integrate automated porting & provisioning

Does your porting feel like watching paint dry? Not with Bandwidth’s happy porting! Enjoy full flexibility with porting date/time*, navigate compliance, and review port orders to eliminate potential rejections–without even leaving your platform.

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Number management dashboard that companies love

“Bandwidth’s number portal is very easy to navigate—there’s no comparison.” – Senior Telecom Project Engineer, NAVEX

Find, filter, reserve*, and provision numbers at the click of a button for real-time use, in 65+ countries. The best part: use our APIs to integrate the whole Dashboard experience right into your tools.

See how you slash ops time using the Bandwidth Dashboard

Number & porting experts on your team

Telco ops can be frustrating. We understand and speak telecom fluently for you. Our dedicated porting team becomes a seamless extension of your team, solving porting hold-ups and maintaining carrier-relationships to get you back to business fast. And we help you become a pro at phone number ordering yourself.

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Ready to up your phone number management game?

Make sure you can order and port at the scale your enterprise requires.

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The phone numbers businesses rely on to call and text

Every connection starts with a phone number. Whether you are enterprises, software innovators, or communications solutions providers and carriers/resellers, we have everything you need to manage your phone numbers at scale.

Enterprise Telephony

Enterprise Telephony

Set-up and tear down workstations as your business demands. Our enterprise-grade tooling makes it easier to BYOC and order, provision, and port the phone numbers your business needs. Learn more

Software and products

Software & Products

Create the foundation of a user experience that reaches beyond your app or software by adding phone numbers to it, along with all the functionality that comes with them. Learn more

UC Service Providers

UC Service Providers

Access millions of VoIP phone numbers with a powerful suite of management tools to expand your footprint and grow your offering. Learn more

Start conquering new growth possibilities today with Bandwidth Phone Numbers

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