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Regulatory masterclass: Telecom compliance in the U.S. and beyond

You’ve gone global, moved to the cloud, and handled the shift to hybrid work successfully. Your work is done, right?

Wrong! Due to the evolving regulatory landscape in the U.S. and internationally, your work is never truly done. Keeping up with regulations like RAY BAUM’s Act, regional number requirements, and beyond is a full time job—but you’re not in it alone. That’s why we’re hosting a free masterclass to educate you about regulatory changes, help keep your employees safe, and avoid service disruption.

In this session, our regulatory experts will cover important questions like: 

  • Why should your business care about compliance?
  • Which regulations are impacting you in the U.S. and internationally? 
  • How can you maintain compliance where you’re doing business?


Mehmet Hussein: Head of Solutions – International, Bandwidth 

After doing the rounds in the UK telecoms circuit, Mehmet joined Bandwidth in 2019 as a Senior Solutions Architect. Since then he’s started and currently runs the international Solutions Engineering team, responsible for all pre-sales technical support while providing strategic guidance for Bandwidth’s top tier clients.

Robin Erkkila: 911 Sales Engineer, Bandwidth

Robin has worked in the public safety technology industry for over 16 years. He has held senior level positions and has extensive experience deploying solutions in several segments of the 911 industry, from originating service provider networks (wireless and VoIP) to PSAPs, and NG911 ESInet solutions in between. Many of the enterprise regional systems, state-wide NG911 networks, and several rural PSAPs have benefitted from Robin’s expertise. As the Bandwidth 911 SE, Robin supports 911 business development and strategies.