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How to compose your contact center across telephony, CCaaS, AI, and authentication

Composing your perfect contact center communications is complex. If you’re responsible for your enterprise communications tech stack, you’re probably staring at a pile of challenges—like connecting conversational AI to SIP, bioauthentication to CCaaS, and in-app calling to anti-fraud tools–all in the cloud.

But you can’t get there without a strong foundation. In this session, find out how the Global 2000 are achieving composability, resilience, and simplicity for emerging use cases with a plug-and-play approach made possible for the cloud, on-prem, and everywhere in between.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to close the integration gap to bring voice bio authentication, conversational AI, and anti-fraud call scoring to your contact center call flows with hassle-free composable routing
  • Understanding common use cases for communications composability in your contact center
  • How to smoothly navigate a migration from on-prem, to hybrid, to full cloud voice deployment in your contact center
  • Why your carrier should play an active role in your comms modernization and engineering


Travis Hinton: Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing, Bandwidth 

Travis lives and breathes our market-facing strategy by leading a team of product marketing experts whose mission is to help Enterprises overcome telecomplexity — a phrase that we’ve coined to describe the unique challenges that face enterprises who are using communications technology to deliver the best Customer Experience & Employee Experience possible. As someone who is embedded within Bandwidth’s global product & revenue teams, he has helped numerous businesses of all shapes and sizes to envision how Bandwidth’s Universal platform can help them future proof, scale, and modernize their comms stack.

Mehmet Hussein: Director, Solutions Engineering, Bandwidth 

After doing the rounds in the UK telecoms circuit, Mehmet joined Bandwidth in 2019 as a Senior Solutions Architect. Since then he now  runs the international Solutions Engineering team, responsible for all pre-sales technical support while providing strategic guidance for Bandwidth’s top tier clients.