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Toll-Free Calling

Toll-Free Calling is the placing of calls to a specific type of phone number (a toll free telephone number) in which such calls are paid for by the person or company being called instead of the person making the call. We often think of them as 1-800 numbers but they also include 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

How Bandwidth is Involved with Toll-Free Calling

Bandwidth manages the intricacies of provisioning and routing millions of Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs) for our customers.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Toll-Free Calling

Toll-free numbers are a business staple. They allow end users to contact a business without worrying about the cost of a long distance call, and they can also make a business more memorable. Bandwidth offers toll-free calling as one of our voice services. Toll-free calling is just one way that Bandwidth develops and delivers the power to communicate every day to our customers.

Bandwidth owns and operates one of the largest All-IP Voice Networks in the nation. That network hosts a suite of APIs that enable services for voice, messaging, 911 access, and phone numbers allowing businesses to connect with their customers in a variety of ways. Our customers are able to enjoy fast, reliable communication services, scalability, and cost savings. Bandwidth offers world class support with a 24/7 NOC team that is available to address issues as soon as they arise. In addition, Bandwidth’s communication services are built to scale. Whether you are a small start-up or an enterprise giant, Bandwidth services can scale to meet your needs. In addition, partnering with Bandwidth lets you avoid dealing with a middleman. This means more cost savings for your business while connecting you with a service you trust. Bandwidth has mastered toll-free calls, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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