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Text Alerts & Notifications

Keep the lines of communication open with timely messages delivered to your customers over SMS.

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The features & benefits of notifications

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Get your messages noticed

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, and that number only goes up over time. Whether sending an appointment reminder or a service alert, text messages help get your message out.

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Reduce lost revenue

Missed appointments are a big source of lost revenue for businesses. Sending reminders over SMS helps to reduce lost revenue from missed appointments.

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Keep your customers up to date

Alert customers to service outages, changes to their accounts, or possible security breaches with text message alerts that they see in a timely manner.

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Reach more customers

Calling your customers every time there’s an issue or to remind them of an appointment is time consuming and requires lots of resources. Sending a text message allows your business to reach more customers faster.

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Why Bandwidth

At Bandwidth we own the APIs and the network. Our messaging experts have decades of experience in the industry, having worked to define the past, present, and future of messaging. That experience in the industry also comes with deep connections to the carriers, allowing us to work directly with them to resolve issues.

Because we own the network and the APIs we’re able to provide transparency that other providers can’t, with status and error codes that show if your messages were delivered, where they were blocked, and why, giving you deeper insight for a better ROI.

Built for developers

Ready to start sending text notifications and alerts to your customers? We’ve got the building blocks to get you started.

Show me how

messaging_client = bandwidth_client.messaging_client.client

body =
body.application_id = "1-2-3" = ["+18445675048"]
body.from = "+18445675079"
body.text = "Thank you for subscribing!"

response = messaging_client.create_message("123", body)

Example of Sending a SMS. Read more about it

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

Software and products

Software & Products

Text delivery alerts, arrival notifications, and reminders about deals your customers could be getting. Learn more

UC Service Providers

UC Service Providers

Send text alerts for service maintenance and notifications for upcoming and past due bills. Learn more

Banking and finance

Finance & Banking

Send fraud alerts, security notifications, and receipts for deposits & withdrawals.



Text appointment reminders, notifications about prescriptions, and after-care follow-up inquiries.

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