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Hosted SMS

Author: Anagha Ravi

Hosted SMS is a service that allows Bandwidth customers to enable non-Bandwidth owned/operated phone numbers for messaging. These phone numbers will not route any voice traffic over the Bandwidth network.

How Bandwidth is Involved with Hosted SMS

Customers will use the Bandwidth Number Management Dashboard to add/remove phone numbers to the service (available to be automated via API or manually accessed in the Number Management Dashboard). Please note that only carrier numbers with an approved LOA may be used in Hosted SMS.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Hosted SMS

Hosted SMS allows customers to use Bandwidth Messaging with non-Bandwidth phone numbers, including landlines, for an easy, one-stop number management experience. SMS-enable your phone numbers with messaging from a leading provider with the business-grade features your users expect such as group messaging, global reach, long message support, and full MMS capabilities.

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