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Texting & the Super Bowl

George Perry George Perry
George Perry
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(You knew this was coming)

The AFC and NFC champions have been decided and we’re going to have the LA Rams and the New England Patriots facing off in Super Bowl LIII (or 53 if you’re not an ancient Roman). So let’s look at what people are texting about during the Super Bowl and how businesses use text messaging during one of the most watched sporting events.

Disclosure: I am a New England Patriots fan. Sorry.

What are people talking about during the Super Bowl?

We love our sports teams, and the championship game is the perfect time to call and text with family and friends in support (or not) of one team or another. But there’s so much more involved in the Super Bowl than just the two teams playing the game. So what are people talking and texting about during the game?

The Game

I know, it’s crazy, but people are messaging back and forth about….the game. Whether it’s specific players, a play they loved, a bad call, or just a coaching decision, there’s a lot of talk about the actual game.

The Ads

Watching ads during the Super Bowl is why a lot of people tune in. There are whole news segments devoted to them after the game, and YouTube becomes a source to catch that ad you missed or rewatch one that you loved. During the game, there’s a lot of talk about ads that people loved, and which ones they didn’t.

The Halftime Show

Much like the commercials, the halftime show is a big reason some people tune into the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show is being headlined by Maroon 5 (in case you were wondering). Talk about the performance, the choice of performer, and the song selection are sure to be topics of discussion on February 3rd.

What about businesses texting during the Super Bowl?

So it’s great that you and your friends are texting back and forth about that blown call or that amazing throw Brady made to Gronk for a touchdown (c’mon….we all know it’s going to happen). But what about businesses? How are they getting in on the Super Bowl texting game?

Some of the more common ways are encouraging you to text them to order a service from them. Ads telling Super Bowl fans to “Text ‘PEPPERONI PIZZA’ to 123456” are a simple way for fans to get that much needed halftime snack without having to call phone lines that may be overloaded or websites that may be crashing under the crush of last second orders.

The NFL also gets in on it. In past years they’ve sent out texts with a URL to allow the audience to vote on the Super Bowl MVP, while causes often join in, encouraging you to text to register to vote, donate to a specific cause.

Game On

Whether you’re texting your best friend about the game, your parents about the ads, or the local pizza joint to get another pie delivered, texting during events like the Super Bowl is only going to grow. Ready to see how your business can get in on the fun (without having to wait until the next Super Bowl)? Give us a shout and see how we can help to give your messaging the boost it needs.

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