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Redundancy and diversity are key when choosing a toll-free solution that can actually deliver on the promise of reliability and up-time. By leveraging several of the nation’s largest toll-free networks, we’ve created a diverse, redundant, resilient, and cost effective solution. In the event of an outage, our 24/7 Network Operations Team will be alerted immediately, and as the managing RespOrg we can spring into action and switch out CIC codes so that you don’t go down, even if your carrier does.

US map representing Bandwidth's Toll-Free Voice coverage
Laptop showing Toll-Free Voice phone number management dashboard

Activate the easy button for porting and number management

Whether you need one or a thousand toll-free numbers, we know number management can be painful, so we created the Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard and a suite of APIs to make your life easier. Search for, order, and provision new toll-free numbers instantly. Manage your toll-free numbers, get fast access to Billing Detail Records, and translate your efficiencies into lower administrative costs and better expense management! Want to keep your existing numbers? We’ve got the Happiest Porting in the industry, and are here to help.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Navigating telecom is hard — fortunately, we know telecom so you don’t have to. Every customer receives access to our knowledgeable Customer Account Manager team who can loop in other subject matter experts from various specialized teams like Line Number Porting, Technical Assistance, and Billing. All the while our 24/7 Network Operations Team is vigilantly monitoring your network traffic, ready to react if the need arises. Let us show you how our people make the difference.

Mobile phone sending SMS messages from text-enabled toll free numbers

Text-enable your toll-free numbers

Toll-Free Voice is no longer a differentiator — it’s expected. Separating yourself from the competition means giving customers the communication options they demand, and SMS is in high demand. With our wireless-grade SMS Messaging and A2P Messaging options, you can enable your toll-free numbers for messaging in seconds, answer any texting need, and create a seamless communication channel to facilitate both toll-free SMS and toll-free voice conversations with your customers.

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