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4 game-changing ways to use group messaging in your app


September 17, 2019


June 17, 2022

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Group messaging. It’s how we organize evening plans with friends, talk to our entire family at once, and complain to our friends that our parents just don’t understand (if DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince are to be believed).

But what about your business? Why aren’t you using group messaging? Don’t think you can? Here’s 4 ways your business can use group messaging.

Closing on the dream home

If you’ve ever bought a house you know how stressful it can be. Will you find the house you want? Will you stay on budget? Do I really like that flooring? On top of that, communicating with your realtor, and each other, can result in delays that can mean the difference in whether or not you get the house of your dreams.

Adding group messaging to your CRM not only enables you to track communications (which you should be doing anyways), but to text all the buying parties at one time, ensuring everyone knows about counter offers, contract negotiations, and other time-sensitive communications. 

Who’s picking up the kids?

Sick children, unexpected closings because of weather, and a host of other issues can all result in needing to reach out to the parents or guardians of the children in your care. Whether your app focuses on the education market, babysitting, or just scheduling in general it can be a huge help to notify all parties at once. 

Implementing group messaging allows you to reach out to all of the listed and approved guardians for a child if they need to be picked up because of illness or a sudden closing, ensuring that somebody is able to pick up the child in a timely manner.

Appointment & prescription reminders

Staying with the theme of children, healthcare, and in particular pediatricians, are a prime use case for group messaging. Chat with both parents about scheduling appointments, aftercare for an illness, or just answer some basic questions and make sure everyone’s in the conversation.

Get in touch when the worst happens

Being able to reach out to homeowners in the case of an emergency is important. But sometimes it’s not convenient or safe to talk. Group messaging gives your security app the power to act faster, giving all residents the ability to be notified when security cameras catch fishy behavior, or an alarm is triggered –  without relying on one point of contact.

Ready for group messaging with Bandwidth?

Above are just a few ways to use group messaging. Give us a shout and talk to one of our experts to see how Bandwidth’s Group Messaging API can help you open up conversations.

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