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BoomTown CRM seamlessly integrates text messaging

BoomTown is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for the real estate industry. Brokerages trust BoomTown to help them close more deals and grow their business by providing them with all the software and services they need from first click to closing—all in one package. The BoomTown software delivers back-end website development tools, automated marketing tools, predictive intelligence, and success management as part of its standard offering, as well as hands on support for brokerages every step of the way.

Vital communications happening outside Of CRM

As recently as 2014, a National Association of Real Estate Owners survey indicated that 80% of realtors were already using text messaging as a form of communication with their leads. However, a lot of that texting occurred on personal cell phones. This presented two major business challenges for BoomTown:

Limited tracking capability

Unless a text interaction was manually logged into the CRM, there was no official record of it happening. This meant limited sharing of historical data among team members (a big liability if an agent leaves a practice), and the inability to accurately measure an agent’s response time and overall performance.

Limited ability to share best practices

BoomTown prides itself on delivering up-to-the- hour best practices data and advice to the real estate industry. With a large chunk of data missing from user reports, analyzing response rates for best practice indicators was a challenge.

BoomTown partners with Bandwidth to integrate text messaging

BoomTown was searching for a text-messaging partner that would offer local-area phone numbers for its agents and deliver a supportive and cooperative experience as it launched this new feature. BoomTown also required easy-to-use software and tools to get up and running fast. The real estate leader quickly realized that Bandwidth could deliver all this and more, making it easy for them to quickly incorporate messaging into the BoomTown software and mobile application.

Bandwidth worked closely with BoomTown to find and deliver phone numbers where BoomTown agents operate, ensuring a better, more personal customer experience for both the agents, and their clients.

“In partnership with Bandwidth, we outlined what we were trying to achieve and the best way to go about it. We wanted to create an easy process for clients to select their own phone numbers. One of the advantages of working with Bandwidth was that their Communications APIs were so flexible and they had a nationwide footprint,” said George Mountis, BoomTown’s CRM Product Owner.

“Our engineers worked with Bandwidth’s Communications APIs and mobile SDKs. It was a good partnership between them and Bandwidth’s engineering team. We had direct access to senior level people throughout the process and if we had a need at any time, they were willing to adjust to make it happen.”

All client interactions captured in one place

Since rolling out in Q2 2015, most of BoomTown’s brokers have elected to enable the texting feature. It’s easy for agents to secure a ‘BoomTown phone number’ that fits their local market and area code, and since all texts flow through the BoomTown software, anything that happens on that phone number now gets logged into the system, creating greater accountability for the agents and the ability for BoomTown to track best practices.

“Now our agents can send and receive text messages through the CRM system via both their desktops and mobile phones. They’re better equipped to communicate with consumers the way they want—whether that’s via text, email or phone call. Best part is, anything that happens within that number gets logged within our system,” said Mountis.

“Our hypothesis going into this was that we’d see a whole lot better response rates from consumers with texting vs. email. So far, we’ve heard from many of our clients that the texting feature has been a huge driver of their business.”

“The new texting functionality was easy to integrate with our CRM using Bandwidth APIs and the local number availability has helped create widespread adoption. Now, instead of relying on agents to manually track activities within the system, everything is automatically logged— making it easier to identify top agents, response rates, the most effective sales channels and more.”

—George Mountis, CRM Product Owner BoomTown

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