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ParentSquare builds voice notifications into its offering

ParentSquare is a simple and secure web-based platform for school-to-home communication. The two-way messaging, online participation, and simple user interface keeps parents, teachers, and other staff members connected and engaged, creating a vibrant school community.

Making sure important communications aren’t getting lost in the shuffle

Most modern parents would opt for a text notification over a voice phone call. However, ParentSquare’s clients (school districts nationwide) faced the challenge of ensuring the delivery of important messages with every parent. Parents and guardians who were less tech savvy, or not mobile-connected, sometimes missed communications because they were not read in time or were completely overlooked.

ParentSquare needed a partner that could help it quickly and easily integrate voice notifications into its offering and help school districts increase their capacity for communicating with every parent, at any time of day. ParentSquare’s other requirement was that the school districts could send out voice notifications from the school’s active and established phone numbers.

Combining a network and software for the ideal solution

ParentSquare found in Bandwidth an ideal partner to implement voice calling into its Smart Alerts technology. Bandwidth was able to provide ParentSquare access to everything it needed to successfully integrate voice into its communications flow:

Nationwide telecommunications network

Since Bandwidth owns a nationwide network, it was able to provide ParentSquare with phone numbers in each school district’s area code—and to use pre-existing school numbers in the caller ID. This was a great asset in communicating with parents, who were much more likely to pay attention to a call originating from a number they already knew.

Flexible software

ParentSquare used Bandwidth’s XML programming language to make sure voice messages went out to parents in a highly customized manner—giving districts the flexibility to program messages in different languages and implement various if/then scenarios to ensure optimum delivery.

Efficient & flawless delivery

ParentSquare works with school districts that have thousands of parents with whom to communicate mission-critical messages, so efficiency of voice message delivery is important. Since Bandwidth owns a nationwide network and the API platforms through which messaging is scheduled, ParentSquare was able to easily scale, delivering all the school districts’ messages on time, every time.

Keeping schools and parents more connected

Working with Bandwidth, ParentSquare was able to quickly implement the technology required to enable voice notifications as part of its Smart Alert technology. The company was pleased with Bandwidth’s simple and fast implementation process, speed of service delivery, and flexibility when it came to call traffic volume.

“By working with Bandwidth for our voice calling, the communications process was quick and easy. For example, sending out a communication to remind parents in an entire school district about early dismissal can now be done in a matter of minutes—with other providers, it could take hours for all of those messages to be transmitted,” said Anu Vaid, ParentSquare CEO.

“We cannot guarantee that we will use a certain volume of traffic per month because communication events are unpredictable. Bandwidth is flexible enough to handle our spikes in volume—whatever they may be. That’s one of the things that set them apart from other providers, ” Vaid added.

Get better, more reliable communications

Bandwidth’s nationwide network and flexible, built-for-the-enterprise APIs empower companies like ParentSquare to enable innovative communication solutions for their customers. Get in touch to find out how we can help you do the same.

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