Spirit Looks for a Reliable and Efficient Emergency Services Partner

Spirit Communications provides solutions that are reliable, flexible, and responsive to their customer needs.

Spirit Communications provides voice, data, and internet services to business and government customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. When Spirit became dissatisfied with their existing 911 provider, they looked for a partner that was more reliable and cost-effective.

Spirit Partners with Bandwidth for Reliable 911

Within 6 weeks, Bandwidth had Spirit up and running with the full suite of emergency services. Spirit immediately began benefiting from the use of our browser-based portal for provisioning and real-time status updates. The portal also gave Spirit on-demand reports and the ability to verify that their emergency service addresses were loaded and accurate.

Bandwidth also provided Spirit with a step-by-step migration path to bridge the gap from their wire-line infrastructure to IP-based, Nomadic 911 services.

Spirit Cuts Costs with a Smooth Transition

The move to Bandwidth went without a hitch. Bandwidth automatic location information (ALI) management integrated seamlessly with Spirit’s systems, providing real-time address validation against multiple data sources, as well as auto-correction and managed ALI database population. This enabled Spirit to save time and resources associated with management of ALI records.

By providing a single source for emergency services, ALI and Nomadic, the time required for moves, adds, changes, and migrating records from one service to the other was greatly reduced, allowing the time that had been spent managing back-office information to instead be used to focus on growing Spirit’s core business.

The leading choice for innovative voice and 911 solutions

From the emergence of mobile and web-based voice applications to VoIP outpacing traditional wireline, IP is taking voice in directions unimagined even a few years ago. In response to this growth, Bandwidth has emerged as the leading choice for innovative and scalable voice, SMS and 911 solutions.

We launched specifically to give forward looking companies a new alternative to traditional telecom’s cumbersome way of doing business. Today our nationwide network powers some of the biggest companies in the world.

Ready to be our next success story? Get in touch and find out how we can help you just like we helped Spirit Communications.

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