MyNeighbor App Adds Texting in a Single Development Cycle Thanks to Bandwidth’s Messaging API

MyNeighbor, an app that connects people locally, needed a messaging API partner that could help it get from prototype to development in just a few weeks—and then scale for growth. Bandwidth was the answer.

What you’ll learn:

  • How MyNeighbor plugged into the power of Bandwidth’s easy-to-use communications platform for a quick and easy development process
  • How MyNeighbor incorporated texting to its app in just two weeks, creating a seamless user experience from emails, to desktop, to texting
  • Why data privacy was a key consideration for MyNeighbor and how Bandwidth’s APIs made it simple to maintain high privacy standards.
MyNeighbor App Adds Texting in a Single Development Cycle Thanks to Bandwidth's Messaging API

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